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Welcome to the Doctors for United Medical Missions (DrUMM) web site.

DrUMM is a non-profit, philanthropic organization that is committed towards improving medical care in developing countries through the performance of collaborative medical projects.

DrUMM believes that partnership and collaboration with relevant health care stakeholders in developing countries enables:

1. Valuable medical-surgical care to patients in those countries.

2. Valuable instruction in state-of-the-art medical practices and continuing medical education for healthcare providers abroad.


DrUMM is a joint host for the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Center fundraiser on February 2, 2008, from 4:00 – 10:00 PM, to take place at the Ghana Embassy in Washington, D.C.. Click here for more information, to purchase fundraiser tickets, or make a donation towards this project.

DrUMM is seeking volunteers and donations for 2007 and 2008 medical missions. Currently scheduled missions include:

  • Eritrea (October 20 - November 2, 2007): DrUMM will be assisting with clinical aspects of the Physicians for Peace surgical project, while also engaging in health care worker training/continuing medical education on the subject of perioperative medicine. One of the traveling volunteers is also developing a data collection / research project for this trip.
  • Jamaica (January 7 - 14, 2008): DrUMM is developing a two-hospital project in Jamaica.  Areas of specialty requested are gynecology, orthopedics, plastic surgery and urology and ophthalmology. Because of OR limitations only two or three specialties will be focused on and the medical/educational aspects of the project still needs to be clarified.  Traveling Volunteer space is moderately limited. Individuals interested in volunteering as a traveling volunteer should contact Sade at
  • West Africa (timeline available shortly)

Please visit the DrUMM Support Page for more information.

September 2007: Target for an Eritrea themed fundraiser to generate money to cover shipping and other mission related expenses. Fundraising goal is $5 - 7,000.  Anyone interested in helping should contact

October 2007: Target for a Ghana themed fundraiser. 100% proceeds to go toward the Neuroscience Foundation of Ghana. See the following web site for more details regarding this project: Fundraising goal is $10 - 15,000.  Anyone interested in helping should contact

November / December 2007: Target for a Jamaica themed fundraiser for shipping and expenses related to the January project to Jamaica.  Fundraising goal is $10,000.  Anyone interested in helping should contact

The Doctor's for United Medical Missions are coordinating the acquisition of a mobile clinic towards engaging the challenge of HIV / AIDS. This clinic would be deployed towards associated medical treatment and preventive education. Please visit the HIV / AIDS Mobile Clinic page for more information.